Java for the Cure - Fundraising with Heirloom Coffees from Africa, Pacific Islands, Haiti

Java for the Cure raises money to help find a cure for your nonprofit with coffee.

Please contact us to find out how we may help.


Java for the Cure is a nonprofit who helps other nonprofits to raise money and awareness for their path to a cure. We do this by offering wholesale coffee; coffee is an EASY way to raise money for research:

  • Folks drink coffee by the GALLONS each year
  • No matter the economy, people buy coffee
  • Average households spend $300 annually for packaged coffee
  • For every 1,000 households who use Java for the Cure, your nonprofit earns nearly $100,000

Each 12 oz bag of Java for the Cure is $10 - 100% of proceeds -- $3 of every bag -- goes to your nonprofit to help find a cure.

About our Coffee: We've created a special blend of Heirloom coffees from Africa, Pacific Islands, & Haiti -- where we have a special direct-trade relationship with Haitian coffee farmers.

Our roast is medium dark [darker than a city, lighter than a French], rich & SMOOTH; cool nights at high altitudes produce gentle & FLAVORFUL coffees!

Our coffee is air roasted in small batches using an eco-friendly roaster made in the U.S. Air roasted coffee reveals nuances of the bean in a rich, SMOOTH, & nutty goodness.

Contact us to find out how we may help.

Coffee Fund raiser, Java for the Cure

We'd help you design a custom label for your nonprofit's coffee

Change ONE daily habit, your nonprofit wins big - $10 bucks a bag.

1,000 households = $100,000



Haitian Coffee Fundraiser
At heart and soul, we are volunteers
& know lots of things need fixing.
  Like hearts, lungs, lives.
We offer our delicious coffee to nonprofits to use for
raising awareness and money for their cause.
100% of our coffee proceeds are donated to help fix things.
Join us.
Offering direct trade, natural Haitian Mountain Blue coffee and
coffees from other parts of the world as a fundraiser for nonprofits.
Coffee with a cause, java for the cure.